About Me



Brand Ninja

Durham, NC

Coffee addict, dog lover, runner, wine aficionado, design snob, typography geek, and brand ninja. 



Brand Mascot

Durham, NC

Painter, art lover, digital savant, color snob, and inspirational muse—also, terrified of power outages. 


People say nice things:

After months of searching for a brand development partner we came across Nicole. Her creative thinking, friendly personality, and proactive service model made it an easy decision to choose her to work with. I am so glad I did! Right from the beginning she started asking all the right questions. She built an amazing interactive website and incorporated everything we were looking for. Nicole absolutely went above and beyond throughout the whole process and we plan to use her moving forward for all future social media and brand projects. Thank you Nicole for all you have done.
— Jason with FRESH. Local Ice Cream
A good friend suggested that I contact Nicole about finishing my book layout and cover, and I consider that a moment of great good fortune. Nicole is skilled, prompt in communicating, very professional, always on-time, and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.
— Sandy Hickson Carter